Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

I couldn't think the title of the post is more true. Today, after reading a bunch of blogs, I've come to a conclusion. The nature of posts and comments by males are completely different than those of women. Women want to share things that have happened. They sometimes post thought-provoking information that causes a discussion. They sometimes want empathy for something that happened. They seek support and want to be validated. Men on the other hand have a different nature. They post about more political topics. They are more into competition and being better than the other. Many times men will make sexual references. They many times include either halacha or parsha/Torah thoughts. I find that women discuss ideas while men are more practical. Sometimes men will report stories in the news that they want to comment on. They give their take on the world around them. Women discuss ideas, problems in society, ways to make the world better etc.

This is my way of venting about a comment that a male made on something I wrote. I found the comment to be completely insensitive. Then I took a step back and said, "Wait, he's a man and I'm a woman." Here lies the reason that he wouldn't think twice before saying what he said, while I saw nothing wrong with what I said. I was just giving my take on things. He totally rejected my take. I was seeking to be validated and he just wanted to say that I'm wrong. Well Mr. Man, maybe you shouldn't be reading women's blogs if you can't handle the right way to comment. Next time be more sensitive! (Sorry, I'm not in a thick-skinned mood today).


mother in israel said...

I agree that men and women are different in that way. That being said, after 2.5 years of blogging I have learned to appreciate critical comments. They expand the conversation and draw traffic. It helps me clarify my arguments. The recent post on the pizza store owner is a good example. You will also develop a thick skin and learn how to respond.

Shorty said...

Men and women ARE so different. You are right...

women like to think even talk things through. They like to analyze situations - why did a person say/do/behave as they did?

Men, i joke, wouldn't notice the subtleties of a situation like a persons body language or even their tone of voice. They will also say/do things that seem insensitive to women, but from where they stand they didn't do anything wrong.

Thanks for your thoughtful answer on my blog post!