Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Toilet Learning

I'm so sick of this! My 2.5 year old daughter is in the middle of being trained. She's totally ready but because of psychological issues it's just not working. The psychological issues that I'm talking about are the fact that I'm going to give birth soon, she just started going to a new gan about two and a half weeks ago, and typical toddler toilet training issues. I'm trying to get her trained before I give birth. This is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. She's gone through a lot of ups and downs. She can totally do it but is now playing games with it. Last week she decided to hold it in at her gan. Every day I would take her to the toilet before leaving for work and then when I would pick her up the ganenet would tell me that she hadn't made all day. This week she's started to make at gan but yesterday she literally gave the ganenet hell. She did the exact opposite of whatever she was told. If the ganenet told everyone to clean up, she spread all the toys out. If she told everyone to stay inside, she openned the door for them. Now she's enjoying being in control. She wants to make when she feels like it. What this can mean is that she'll hold it in way too long and then make anywhere but the toilet. I have to count my blessings because so far we've avoided accidents on the couch B"H but that doesn't mean it won't happen sooner or later. NOT FUN! She also refuses to go when I ask her to. If I say to her: "Let's try to see if anything comes out." She throws a tantrum. She literally kicks and screams at the top of her lungs. She grabs her blanket and then puts it in her mouth, biting it like there's no tomorrow. Then she just continues to cry. If I try to get her to talk she just screams louder and regresses to babydom. She's talking less and less and throwing more and more tantrums. Really fun for me because I'm the one she spends the most time with. It's gotten to the point where I literally cry almost every day. I feel so helpless and I can't stand it. I wish she'd just do it on her own like I know she can. This is not happening however, and I'm worried what will be in a few weeks when the baby does come. How much more can we regress? Let's not answer that. So for now, I remain an extremely frustrated and depressed parent who is extremely thankful when 8 PM comes because then........the house is quiet. Only 3.5 hours to go! Yay.


Nicole Then said...

yikes sounds like a really hard time. gosh, hope things get better! pregnant and taking care of another young one. here's a salute to you ;)

oh, I stumbled across your blog while blog-surfing for bloggers in Israel for a project. hope you dun mind me reading your blog?

BB said...

i don't mind. i'm new at this but i'm not an exhibitionist and would never shout from the rooftops that i have a new blog. mostly it's just for me to vent, but it's nice to receive some comments now and then.